Monday, November 1, 2010

The Hallelujah Carnival

The Hallelujah Carnival was last night!  Even though Bekah and I were supposed to do it, it was still much my parents' work.  It was a success as far as I know--I was stuck in the spin art room most of the time.  Pretty much everything went off without a hitch.

Except that, as we were setting up, the moon walk guys came to set up the moon walk about two hours early--which wasn't a problem.  The problem was that we were originally going to have it inside, so we ordered a blow-up twister board that didn't have any walls, so it wouldn't touch the ceiling.  The delivery guys supposedly "upgraded" us to one that had walls!  So we had to move it outside.  Which turned out to be ok, because more people could jump on it, and the kids had a blast.

Another problem was the fish pond.  We had a blow up kiddie pool to use as a pond, but we procrastinated on blowing it up to see if it had any holes in it until the last second.  Of course, it did.  Luckily, someone from the church brought us one of theirs to use.  We couldn't really drag a hose into the church, and it would be too heavy to fill it up then bring it inside, so we had to carry pitcher after pitcher of water from the kitchen and dump it into the pool.  Just as we were done filling it up, water started leaking out from the bottom of it onto the carpet.  So we had to dump it out and try to find another pool!  A couple from church called everywhere to try to find one, and just as all hope was lost (haha... just kidding.  It seemed like it would be a cool thing to say) they found one!

The only thing about the carnival is: I don't know what it does to minister to people.  Never once has someone come up to me and told me that it made an impact in their life--and no one else has gotten told that that I know of.  It's just something that our church always does (with the exception of last year), and I think people just kind of get used to it.  It might have made an impact in someone's life that I know nothing about... God may be working in mysterious ways--as He normally does.  I sure hope so.  That's what I pray for.